UAE announces moon sighting, social media users disagree

The UAE has officially announced that the crescent moon has been sighted, and Ramadan is to begin tomorrow (May 6). However, social media users seem to disagree.

The astronomy center has tweeted a photo of the crescent moon, which is not quite clear to the average person but as per their experts, ” it has been sighted with extreme difficulty”.

The majority of the Astronomy Center’s social media followers have objected to the authenticity of the sighting announcement, citing that the photo does not show the crescent moon. However, the technology used has it’s experts and does not necessarily generate photos that can clearly show the crescent moon to the untrained individual.

Additionally, over the recent years, and due to the worsening relations between the neighbouring gulf countries, residents from different factions of the feud can be seen on social media more carefully consuming media information and frequently arguing about the authenticity of the politically opposing side’s announcements.

“I don’t see a thing”

“Its true, there’s nothing between the arrows”

” Is there hope in improving this technology?”

” Is the nation going to fast according to this unclear image?”

Ultimately, the UAE bases the start of Ramadan “based on an official announcement from a moon-sighting committee in Makkah, Saudi Arabia”, as per their government policy. There seems to be rising controversy wether the UAE would go against it’s policy if the moon has not been decisively sighted.

The UAE Viral team wishes you a blessed holy month of Ramadan!

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