Getting deported from the UAE would be a blessing

Expat deportations are common in the UAE. To most expats, getting deported is something they feel that would end their life. I, on the other hand, think that it would be a blessing. Believe it or not, I always wished to be deported from the UAE. But I never did, life is funny.

I would love to get a free pass on all my loans and fines, and let’s be honest, who in the UAE doesn’t have those? Getting the deportation call would relieve me of many liabilities that I need to work for years to pay. Who wouldn’t love a clean financial restart? I’m quite sure a huge number of UAE expats would prefer to live back in their home country if they had a magical genie to make them loan-free in a snap.

Im a strong believer in fate, therefore I would be so much more comfortable knowing that it’s my fate to leave, and I would finally get that push to do so. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been saying “I’m gonna leave next year for sure” but we never do.

I also think that it’s the cooler way to go, and would give me an amazing story to talk about. Being banned from a country? Must be a badass! Much cooler than being the wimp who got slapped around by his management and kicked out to face his 30 days death sentence. I won’t have a hard time explaining to my friends and family back home why I left this “heaven” that I always falsely bragged about.

It even gets cooler, my management would be forced to terminate my contract earlier and with no liabilities, and hand me back the passport they’ve been illegally keeping, and if that’s not cool enough, I would also get a ticket home and a free ride to the airport!

In conclusion, if you hate someone in the UAE, do not wish deportation on them. Instead, wish that they never get the chance to leave this country, so they can be miserable for the rest of their lives, just like you are.

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