Dubai ruler posts fake negative news about UAE

If you take a look at the following tweet by Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR), ruler of Dubai, you can clearly see how he is posting a fake photoshopped photo and trying to create negative propaganda and ruining the image of the UAE, right? [/End of sarcasm]

The tweet says ” a photo sent to me by a secret shopper that shows the level of service at Emirates Post. This is not our level… and not our service… and those who provide this level of service will no longer be on my team”

I absolutely respect this genius move made by MBR. Rulers don’t make statements without careful thought and planning, because they’re not just regular social media users, their words are far more heavier than that. You can be rest assured, that this leader has not been living under a rock for the last 50 years. He can be seen everywhere personally wandering around his city. He knows very well what goes on in his government offices. It’s also clear that it was being tolerated, but MBR seems to have had enough, and through his tweet, although many might think it is just a simple one, they can clearly see a plan by reading between the lines.

His plan starts by publicly attacking and criticising a Dubai government office staff. He then sends an investigation team, even though he knows exactly what’s going on, but it had to be official this time. By doing this, he has given the media and the people the OK to attack all shortcomings that they see coming from his government offices. Now, media companies have started sending their journalists to the scene to investigate and report. UAE residents are all starting to write their complaints and suggestions online too.

He is putting his staff at such a huge level of pressure and humilation now, and in the future, teaching them and other government offices a lesson. No more Emiratis being spoon fed their work, no more racial superiority, and no more BS. He has, in a very smart and indirect way, has put forward a plan into motion, to make sure his staff understand that his priority is performance and efficiency, not freeloading Emiratis.

His tweet is also a slap to all the expats that are ass-kissing Emiratis and roaming the internet like zombies with their “UAE #1 BEST” comments, by showing them that he doesn’t care about having a fake positive image anymore, he wants the real thing now. He also shows them that, no, not everything in the UAE is “best”, there’s many things going wrong that need proper exposure and harsh critisism, just like he did it.

I’m glad he posted that photo himself, because if I, or anyone else did, we would have been called Qatari agents, propaganda machines or haters. It’s because UAE residents have been so programmed with positive news that their brains can’t comprehend reading any negative news at all. Here comes the ruler himself installing the first negative news report into your program.

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