Westerners in the UAE, please get off our backs!

I’m getting really tired of hearing westerners in the UAE cheering for this country, and attacking anyone who doesn’t.

Just because you’re living and experiencing a totally different UAE life, doesn’t give you the right to act like there’s nothing wrong with this country, or that we are stupid and ungrateful haters.

We aren’t haters, and we aren’t stupid. We’ve been to your country. We know you are a nobody there, and something big here. We know you’re enjoying a tax free salary. We know you’re enjoying practically interest free loans. We know you get paid 10 times the average income. We know your getting paid more than a non-westerner in the same position. We know youre getting way more attention than you do in your country. We know people here think you’re more attractive than your people think you are. We know people here think you are smarter too. We know all eyes are on you. We know it makes you feel like a movie star. We know your embassy bails you when you’re in trouble. We know what you say behind our backs, among your westerners friends. We know how you really feel about us. We know you don’t really like Emiratis and Muslims, and you think expats are inferior. We know the money is shutting you up.  And we know why.

You are just living on the positive end of the racism spectrum. Your western passport. That’s the only thing making you what you are now. That’s what makes you feel you are in this Sci-Fi city from the movies. Only in your dreams would you get a life like this. All thanks to the UAE government’s initiative in bringing in westerners and western investment.

And if you think we are wrong. Wait until the owner’s relative wants your job. Wait until you’re forced to leave. Wait until your excessively luxurious lifestyle catches up with you. Wait until the collection agency calls. Wait until you are in trouble. Wait until you are jailed. Then youre back to what you really are, a nobody.  We’re watching you. We will see how you continue life in your country. An average person, with an average job, and an average house, and an average lifestyle, who will blabber all his life about how “Emiratis are primitive”, “Muslims are terrorists” or “expats are stupid”. Or maybe you will just do another visa run and beg your contacts for jobs while you pathetically borrow money from your contacts, friends and family, just so you can stay here. You’re scared to leave, because you know you are no body back home, you know your ego can’t accept the real life. But being a cheerleader is not going to protect you.

Many of us are smarter than you. Many of us are more talented than you. Many of us work harder than you. Many of us can make more of a change than you do. Many of us are born here. Many of us gave away everything to get here. We live in rooms worse than yours. We eat food less cleaner than yours. We take public transportation. We walk in the heat. We tolerate racism. We tolerate long working hours. We tolerate no overtime payments. We love this country. We love it’s locals. We love Islam. But we don’t get a fifth of the recognition and reward that you do.

So please stop acting like life is well and dandy, because it isn’t. Maybe it is for you, but not for us. So take your easy money, enjoy it, but keep your mouth shut. Don’t be a hypocrite. And stop being part of the propaganda machine. Because we don’t have the racial privilege you do. We are happy for you. We don’t want you to lose what you have. We don’t want to let our frustrations on you. Even though you’re a big part of the problem. We leave you in peace. But we have our problems. We want to discuss it. We want to make our lives better. Stop getting in the way. You do your thing and we do ours. Either support us, or stay out of the way. Because maybe, just maybe, the wheels might turn on you, then you can feel how we feel.

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