Pope indirectly hints that his Abu Dhabi visit made the sky rain

The first words the Pope told the journalists accompanying him aboard the papal plane headed to Abu Dhabi were, “This morning I received news that it was raining in Abu Dhabi, and there it is thought of as a sign of blessing. Let’s hope that everything goes like that”.

We all know that a statement like this, which is being given to journalists to be spread around the whole word, is always usually well thought of. That’s what made me read it again, and stop and think why would he choose that as his first words? and what does he mean by that?

Then it hit me, did the Pope actually take this opportunity of “tolerance” in the “Year of tolerance” to so cunningly suggest that his visit to Abu Dhabi is such a “blessing” that it made the sky rain on this region where rain is a rare occurrence?

After his statement was spread, Catholics in the UAE flocked by the masses to social media and proudly proclaimed how the UAE has been “showered with blessings” by the Pope’s visit.

If his statement was any less vague it would have been considered down right blasphemous by the UAE’s standards. Makes me wonder wether the Pope is visiting as a “brother” like he stated, or a missionary?

On a side note, the UAE has developed highly advanced cloud seeding technologies that is being used since the 2015 to create artificial rain.

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You’re a fuking idiot !! End of story.