The Emirati vs Filipina relationship

Before you start wearing the Abaya or posting stories holding hands in his Mercedes, maybe you should know a few facts behind this partnership that you have entered.

Yes I call it a partnership because I don’t believe it contains the building blocks of what may become a valid relationship – most of the time.

Understanding the difference between the Pinoy culture and Emirati culture is important. Emirati men and women don’t do dating, they don’t do hookups. When an Emirati man wants an Emirati women, they tell their mom, do background checks and visit her family villa. Its all part of a beautiful classic and traditional wooing process that eventually leads to marriage. If he hasn’t done that with you, then you should know where you stand, and where it’s going.

Emirati men are usually shy and inexperienced with women. The Emirati women are not easy at all, they have their pride and culture. They’re not cheap either, they come with expensive demands. This doesn’t make things easy for the men at all, and with things getting harder, here you come, a saviour. A Filipina woman is, on the other hand, more open, more friendly, easier to approach/get-to-know and have a more simple and open approach to men that is inherited from current Western trends.

Living in a city where a large selection of Arab beauty is congregated, you have got to ask your self, why you? Why would he choose you over the selection of similarly cultured women around him? Everyone knows, that in the UAE’s roaming racism culture, it is normal for a man to hear the phrase “are you dating the maid now?” if he is seen with an Asian girl.

Maybe he just loves Filipinos, but if he doesn’t eat Kare Kare two times a week, then he’s no Pinoy lover, is he? Most probably it’s because you are the easiest and fastest “temporary solution” to his problems. As for you, you’re just loving the attention and enjoying the moment. You’re happy with how the hard life of the UAE is transformed by him. He makes your days less boring and more exciting. If you fully understand this partnership and what it pertains, then you are good, but if you even think there is a chance of a future, well, there is, but good luck with that – you’re going to need it.

I see a lot of Filipina girls suddenly convert to Islam, start wearing hijab and cheer UAE football games, all for a chance of a future with him. Talking about the future, even if you do marry him, you’ll never become an Emirati, full stop. It’s just how things are. Your ending is worse than an expat’s ending. Even your children will fight to be recognized as Emiratis. You’ll aways exist in the UAE under his sponsorship. Getting divorced by him means you either go back to the start and find a job or get the hell out of his “country” and say goodbye to the kids.

The “partnership” you are in right now is just a way for him to have a “taste” of a woman before his real journey starts. And while you enjoy all the money he is splurging on you, you should know that it costs him 90% less than he would have to with an Arab girl. It’s not long before you realize that your objective essentially is to save him money, take care of his needs and entertain him until his parents marry him off some day.


  1. I really hope the author of this article reads this. Next time you want to write about something like this, how about you write in the title that it’s your opinion? This is very subjective, biased, and you are generalizing and stereotyping to the point where it is disgusting. Use your writing for good, not to insult and offend others. I am sorry to anyone who felt insulted by this article’s terrible choice of words and point of view.

    1. I agree with you. As a. I was reading… In. My opinion
      . The. Author is. Emphasizing that. Even if. U. Had a relationship. With an. Emirati. Man.. It doesn’t mean. He. Love su and care u. It means. He sonly enjoying with u??? That sounds offending and. Bad

    2. No, she’s not biased. Those who disagree with her just refuse to see the truth in her words. Well done to the author. Thank you for being brave enough to say the truth.

  2. As an Emirati with a British mother, philipina, Indian, American, French, German, Malaysian +++ aunts… Yes AUNTS, as in my direct uncles married women and had children (who are all UAE NATIONALS, INCLUDING THE PHILIPINA), I ABSOLUTELY resent your article and thoughts.

    Every ethnicity has its beliefs, and every culture has its ways… Every country has its thugs and every country had its laws. Because you had a bad experience, or mistakenly met with an Emirati who didn’t end up as your husband, doesn’t mean we are all like that or we approve of what you say in your article.

    Your knowledge and understanding to the culture is limited, you’ve been given the opportunity to have readers understand something unique, but you chose to build hate and negativity to some possibly happy future families!

  3. What the hell is this nonsense? Is this a joke? Is this the kind of writing you promote nowadays?? This person should be decredited from writing anything in the UAE.
    This is the most racist and discriminatory article I’ve ever read. Not only is the writer angry and jealous but apparently the person who wrote this article is obviously having a hard time to date or lock down a partner and is therefore lashing out against other nationalities. In the “real” world, the majority people don’t see colour or race. And if you actually look around you, the majority of families are interracial couples who lead happy and comfortable lives. In addition, many Emirati families have married outside of their culture. I know a lot of Emirati women who are the complete opposite of how they are described here. How shameful to even imply that Emirati women are gold digging egotistical fiends who demand the stars. That’s incredibly false!!! The fact that this article is even approved and published is embarrassing to the Emirati culture who (supposedly) promote integration and cultural assimilation. Not only is this article written from one point of view but it’s written with the intent to display the true anger and jealousy of this person. I’m actually ashamed to read this. I can’t believe what I just read.

  4. Me as an actual offspring from a Filipino Emirati love marriage I certainly do know that everything you have stated is false from where you mentioned that during marriage you would never be an Emirati yourself and how you would always be under his sponsorship is most definitely false in my perspective you should have researched before writing these false statements in fact during marriage the wife can most definitely have an Emirati passport I’m sure you would have realized that if you actually opened your eyes and searched more about this topic and even if you were divorced you wouldn’t have to leave the country and say goodbye to your children that case was from ages ago. It has already been decreed by the late sheikh zayed that foreign mothers will not be deported due to them having the right to be with their children I don’t know what newspapers or information you have read but I’m sure their all outdated and gone just like your article because I will make sure to bring down this article no matter what and be ready for I’m sure that my fellow Emirati’s born to Filipino mom’s will not just sit aside and watch you spread these false information.

    As an Emirati female have you no respect for women at all how could you write such disgraceful and shameful words towards these women or women of any ethnicity in general who are you to talk about them in this manner have you no manners. It is unquestionably outrageous to read something like this especially due to me being a half Filipino myself what are you insinuating when saying that they are cheap and they’re just giving Emirati men a taste how dare you degrade women like that in no place are you ever allowed to say such horrible things before writing an article you should have researched about your topic and thought of how sensitive your words would be not only are you degrading Filipino women but giving false information I’m truly outraged by your false averments you should have investigated more and actually interview offsprings like me that are Filipino/Emirati and you would see that everything you have stated was wrong and no we never fought to be seen as Emirati we are Emirati, full stop.

    Let’s be civilized people like hello! it’s 2019 no one cares about ethnicity and who you marry it’s the year of tolerance in my beloved country the UAE . For a 15 year old like me reading an article such as this is sooo revolting with your choices of words like hello! hookups? , taste ??and temporary solution ?????? What you’re insinuating is sooo disgusting you should be ashamed of yourself ! Show some respect to women in general!

  5. Clearly you are way over your head! Living under a rock maybe?! This article shouldn’t have seen daylight. The author or “writer” ( if you consider yourself one) is ignorant, envious and downright stupid!

  6. I don’t know How she wrote this stupid article, you are really a racist and disappointment. You’re degrading the moral of Filipina. I feel that you had a very bad experience with an Emirati that’s why you are shouting through your articles. Try to seaarch some new on these days maybe you can get a recent and proper information.. Im wishing to kick out this kinda racism in any site and these kinda article was completely wrong..

  7. This is ridiculous and I refuse to belive this fantasy writen artical …clearly a cry for attention from the “writer” so they can gain more profit. My fiancee is from the UAE and when I read this I knew this “writer” was full of it. Then again people will do anything now for profit, views, and just scare people into dateing their own race or religon.

  8. All I can say is , you are a Pieace of a SHIT!! May you find a peace and love in your heart which I clearly believed that you don’t have! You are full of bitterness and jealousy. I feel pity to you at the same time I feel ashame of what are you talking about this article. This is very unethical way of proposing your idea to the public, don’t generalize I guess you are talking from the shadow of your bad experience.Widen your knowledge and understanding before writing to the public, you are not just speaking with your brat friends instead you are giving a false information to innocent people minds!

  9. This article is BS. It was written in hostility and full of resentment. The writer is self-opinionated. Why was this even approved? What a disgrace!

  10. I agree not all Emarati has the same attitude.. I marry an emarati too alhamdullillah he is so good and all he’s family are good to me. , specially when my father die and I need to go back to Philippines, all of he’s brothers and sisters, specially my mother in-law they are all at my back they give all my needs, pocket money,round trip tickets for me and my son. And after a month my husband came too, he let the eid will be finish before he went to Philippines …
    to the author of this story not all are the same alhamdullillah my relationship to them is good and we are 7 years being mirage and he also love my family even though I’m a poor girl..

    1. Like her sis!im married also to an emirate man 8 yrs and counting..Alhamdullilah we have a Man U are loving and responsible..God bless Us

    2. sissies,same here..married to emirati…they loving,snd most responsible….always at your side supporting.
      alhamdullilah ….

  11. Clear reflection of an idiot.Accept your shorcomings as a failure.A short advice if you find happiness outside your bedroom keep it to yourself .you know that you will be hurting someone with your action.You call yourself an Emarati.Your a disgrace to this society ,Be humble and respect yourself.Dont judge the book by its cover.

  12. My first reaction was nyeeeh wtf??! Very subjective… and written with anger! I’m sorry if this happen to you but you cannot generalized everything based on your experience. You you find peace and love you deserve … kisses!

  13. The writer is either a jealous woman or a man lover! Who despise Filipinas because they are nothing cpmpared to the beauty and the care and love a Filipina can give… if you think money is what they after, you’re right and also wrong. Because you can find that behaviour in other nationality as well. Seriously… you are just jealous!

  14. you Are a piece of shit bitter..
    im married to an emirati man who is responsible and a loving husband and a father..proud Filipina.

  15. I know that the goal of this disrespectful article is to receive more clicks and attention, but this is really unprofessional and embarrassing for both the writer and the website. I am half emirati half filipino, i have the most loving parents and its not just (partnership), whatever is written in this article is just pure bullshit. Saying this: ”Even your children will fight to be recognized as Emiratis” is like saying we are not accepted here because we are half filipino is really racist, and is something i never felt, i always felt accepted and proud to be half emirati half filipino.

    To the writer of this so called article, don’t just write things out of your imagination, do your research, and write something useful maybe find another job..

  16. This article is full of misconceptions and negativity, though there are some unsuccessful relationship, I may consider other marriage couples whether a Filipina or a different nationality that are obviously victorious with an Emirati man. It depends on how you see things and accepts the reality. As a professional Filipino staying here in Dubai for about five years now, I can see Emirati men and other individuals as open-minded.

  17. I am so sad about who write this article im so sorry for the pity words that u write in this article,may be u have a bad situation or get jealous bout us filipina. I hope u will be better soon.thanks for making us,as a filipina strong.

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