Qatar vs UAE match commentator banned from the UAE

The Omani commentator Khalil Al Baloushi has been banned from entering the UAE for a phrase that he said while the Qatari team was celebrating their 3rd goal against the UAE team.

Khalil was jumping in excitement when the Qatari team scored a very well played goal against the UAE team and during his excitement he commentated “he has stepped on them” which is an expression meaning how the scoring player heavily humilated them.

The UAE government, still sour about it’s sports defeat, has decided to ban him from entering the country and filed a case against him. This was one of many of UAE’s actions taken after the game was lost, such as filing an international case against Qatar for trade related matters and filing a case with the AFC against Qatar related to the eligibility of the Qatari team players.

Bullying a commentator and pushing to destroy his career seems to be highly excessive since the man was only doing his job, and it’s natural for an Arab commentator to be highly excited and expressive towards a team that is exceptionally performing. Even some Emirati tv personalities have launched attacks at him, with one even calling him a “mercenary” (meaning someone who was paid) and “scum”, which is surprising because tv personalities also face the same kind of pressure and critisism over what they say.

Khalil, probably worried about his career, and being banned from a neighboring GCC country, released a public apology citing that he “In a commentators excitement, sometimes the choice of words may not be carefully calculated ”. His apology was not accepted at all, and he later released a statement that he does not care whether his apology was accepted or not, and all that’s important for him is the Omani audience’s happiness.

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UAE is only good in blocking/banning/fining people. Rascals! Down with UAE.


Such A Cry Baby You Are

Eryanne Azevedo

I wonder if all these people have the translations of Brazilian comments….kkkk