Dubai ex chief of police claims fish spoke to him after prayer

In a Twitter post, Dhahi Khalfan, Dubai’s ex chief of police, claims that fish spoke to him on his fishing trip after praying and reading the Quran.

The tweet says: Today we did our Dawn prayers in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. We raised the call to prayer then prayed as a group. Then we read what we could from the Quran and set out to fish. The sea then turns wild and the fish rise and ask “is there anyone to catch us?” (Translation)

Scientifically, fish don’t speak to humans. However, in the Quran, Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon) was able to speak to animals.

Considering the fact that Dhahi Khalfan is not a prophet, and does not have proof of his ability to speak to animals, we will assume that his statement was just an expression; meaning that there was an irregular amount of easy to catch fish as a result of his prayer. It kind of sounds like he performed a miracle.

Many of the replies to this tweet were sarcastic, here’s a few:

“My friend, were the fishes canned or wrapped?” @1_raylin (translation)

“Wow. Perhaps the fish came out and made a barbeque party too. Your blessings, Sheikh.” @Sali39225626 (translation)

“Your heart is full with faith, that must be why the fish surrendered to you and pleaded you to catch it” @nasseralalawi13 (translation)

“I am not surprised that you represent UAE security forces” @moufagsmadi (translation)

“Didn’t you also catch a genie that granted your wishes?” @6xj8zlv4lsyj1vq (translation)

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