Why “baklas” need to pay to pleasure people in UAE?

It’s no secret that homosexuality in the UAE is on the rise. It’s always have been. Even though it’s something that greatly contradicts the UAE’s culture and religion. However, it seems that not enough tolerance has been given on the “Year Of Tolerance” because the levels of sexual frustration apparent on some unfortunate individuals has began to cross the line.

I have nothing against the LGBT community. On the contrary, I’m disappointed in the UAE’s failure to recognize even their right to co-exist in the country. I’ve seen the UAE violate all kinds of Islamic laws in their mission of “tolerance”, so I personally highly doubt that cutting some slack to the LGBT community will affect them in any way. Actually, I’m afraid their open discrimination is causing negative consequences to the region.

The best example would be from the Filipino community, where a more commom percentage of male born individuals are LGBTs in the UAE. “Baklas” as they are commonly known have reached a high level sexual frustration level stemming directly from the discrimination against them.

One thing that I am indeed against is sexual harassment, regardless of the reason behind it. The sexual frustration has reached a point where they are ready to pay you up to a 1000 dirhams or more so that you accept to “pleasure you”. These are people that make only around 3000 dirhams a month!

I have personally received several of these indecent offers. It’s very awkward responding specially when you get approached inside an elevator where it is hard to just leave and avoid any feelings being broken.

In conclusion, I don’t really see any clear reason why LGBT people are getting picked on. Police protected female prostitutes are free to roam the streets in an effort to curb sexual frustration, whereas any attempt at LGBT prostitution is considered “un-islamic”. (And yes, they are police protected).

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I understand you are trying to discuss about LGBT here, however, it was noticed that you have used “Filipino’s” as example on your 2 articles. This is something that is really not flattering at all.