Ex Dubai police Chief says Israeli citizens should be allowed to enter Arab countries

In a public statement made on Twitter, the Ex-Chief of Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, who is now serving as Deputy Chief of Police has made a shocking statement that he thinks Israeli citizens should be allowed to visit Arab countries.This statement gathered negative responses from Arab twitter users of all walks of life.

Dhahi is a very popular Twitter user, known for speaking his mind with no filters. He has previously made many online public statements, many of which are racist and offensive. No regular UAE citizen, even an Emirati, would even dare to say half the things he says. But who is there to stop him? He’s a Leuitenant General afterall.

The tweet says, “I believe that the relationship with the Israeli man is possible, but not with the Israeli government. The Israeli citizen can visit any Arab country, but the Israeli official is forbidden to communicate with us except by establishing a Palestinian state.
This may have something to do with the humanitarian aspect, away from politics”

Most of the responses to this tweet focused on the fact that he seems to believe that Israeli citizens have a “humanitarian” right to visit Arab countries, while he has been personally involved in the decision-making process of banning several citizens from Arab and Muslim countries from entering the UAE. Also, some responses are questioning why Israeli officials have been recently allowed to visit the UAE.

One of the examples of the apparent hypocrisy in his statements and opinions is his recent tweets on how Pakistanis and Bengalis are “criminals” and should be banned from the UAE.

“You want Israelis to move freely within Arab countries while Palestinians are trapped in camps with no passports?”

“You welcome Israelis but ban Arabs, Muslims and brothers by blood to enter Arab lands. Is that justice?”

“Mashallah, you are very humanitarian!” (Sarcasm)

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