Emiratis show a dark side after an embarrassing 0-4 loss to Qatar

The UAE has just faced an embarrassing  defeat of 0-4 against Qatar in the AFC Asian Cup semi final. It’s not the first time the UAE loses a game, but due to the politisization of this game, the loss was a hard hit to the UAE citizens’ egos and pride and it resulted in a shocking reveal of an Emirati citizen’s dark side.

It first started when the Qatari scored the second goal against the UAE. UAE supporters began with a very uncivilized act of violence by throwing their footwear (mostly sandals/slippers) and water bottles at the Qatari team members. There was no sufficient security from the organizers to stop this and some players were hit by the thrown objects.


The hatred then extended to the Omani audience that was supporting the Qatari team. They were hit with racism and hate speech such as ” they are just Expats , mercenaries”, and swear words being launched at them. Furthermore, Omanis were not allowed to leave the stadium and were forced to wait even though the whole place was already empty. This act of discrimination was not just from the citizens, it was coming all the way up from the organizers and the Abu Dhabi authorities.


At a time where Emiratis should be celebrating the fact that an Arab team has reached the finals and have a chance of winning the cup in the Arabs name, they further instigated separation between Arab nations by spreading the hatred to their children and teaching them to hate and swear at Qataris.

Overall, the Emiratis acted like a spoiled child that destroys everything around him when things don’t go his way. This is not surprising since Emirati citizens are raised in an environment where they get everything they want, even to the point where there is an organization called “Tawteen” that guarantees jobs for Emirati citizens that find difficulty in getting employed even if it results in climbing on expats backs.

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