UAE announces no public holiday for Prophet’s birthday and Israa Wal Miraj

The list of 2019 UAE public holidays has been announced by the UAE government, and to my surprise, there are no days off for the Prophet’s birthday and Israa Wal Miraj (and several important Islamic days), but the UAE national day gets 2 days off.

Source: Khaleej Times

It’s quite strange how giving the private sector a few days off to respect and celebrate these important Islamic days was not possible by the UAE government, but the National Day was given not just 1 day, but 2. Since when has the national day been more important as a public holiday?

“Live my country, the unity of our Emirates lives
You have lived for a nation
Whose religion is Islam and guide is Quran”, UAE National Anthem

It speaks alot about the government’s changing  prioroties in what seems to be a movement towards nationalism, and taking the off away from important Islamic days has the smell of secularism to it.

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