Video: Loy Machedo explains why he left Dubai in viral video

Loy Machedo is celebrity personal branding coach that used to live in Dubai for over 20 years.

Loy has had a very successful career in Dubai, making a big name for himself, and being involved in a broad range of acitivites from speaking at TEDxDubai to appearing in Coca Cola’s viral ad.

However, he suddenly made the decision to leave, which shocked many of his followers and raised the million dollar question, “why did you leave Dubai?”.

He has finally released a video on his YouTube channel, which has a big following, where he discussed his top 10 reasons for making the move

Although he generally gives credit where it is due and at many times acknowledges the good things about Dubai, but in this video he has more bad than good to say about the government, the residents and specially the locals.

Reason number 1 was, “You could be born in Dubai, you can stay there 10 years, 20 years, 30 years…or even 60 years… but the day you don’t have a visa, you’ll be asked to leave the country”. I’ll let you watch the rest.

Be sure to further browse his YouTube channel which is full of valuable tips on personal branding, living in the UAE, self-development, career, life or for a good laugh as he regularly roasts people that waste his time or he just simply doesn’t like.

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