UAE Imam rapes 12-year-old boy 9 times, only gets 5 years jail

Social media users in the UAE have erupted in anger over the sentencing of a UAE imam who raped a 12-year-old boy 9 times in his room next to an Ajman mosque.

The Imam has been identified only as a 31-year old Asian man who is responsible for a mosque in the Al Jerf area of Ajman.

The boy, a 12-year-old had a sudden change in behaviour and was coming late every day after night prayer, which made his mom worried.

Upon being questioned, the boy told his mother that the Imam would ask him to go to his room every night after prayer and offer him 5 dirhams then sexually abuse him and that it had already happened 9 times.

After informing the police, forensic evidence indeed showed proof that the boy has been sexually abused. The Imam was suspended, arrested prosecuted and sentenced to 5 years in jail and deportation.

Social media users, most of which are Emiratis, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the sentence, stating that it is too low of a jail period for a child rapist (9 times). Most users suggested the man should be sentenced to death or life in jail.

It’s not surprising that this sentencing would cause outrage as there are more severe punishments for less serious cases such as the posting of a social media post “sympathizing with Qatar” – which can lead an individual to 15 years in jail.

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Where is Shiria law now!
Astagfiru’allah the Muslim Ummah is break big time. A severe punishment is necessary to set examples that this sort of behaviour in the Islamic world or in any other faith is not taken lightly particularly when children are involved


Executing executing