Dubai ex chief of police ridicules Gaddafi dying with only $30 million

In a recent tweet posted by Dhahi Khalfan, Dubai ex chief of police, he makes fun of the late Libyan president Muammar Al Gaddafi for dying and only having a $30 million net worth.

His tweet says, “is it possible, the ruler of  the richest Arab country passes away with a net worth of $30 million only? By God, a coal salesman in my country owns more than that, and would own a $50 million car plate number.”

In this tweet he ridicules the late President and claims that a coal salesman in the UAE makes so much more money that he is able to buy a plate number worth nearly double the net worth of the late President.

It is common in the Emirati culture to brag about net worths and expenditures  and showing off these net worths with special plate numbers that are sometimes more valuable than the car itself. The world’s record for most expensive plate number was broken by an Emirati man.

The above reply states that, “so $30 million is little? I swear that the prophet passed away with his shield still pawned”

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