Al Habtoor founder says UAE should make peace with Israel

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, founding chairman of Al Habtoor group, has posted a video on his Twitter account suggesting that GCC countries make a peace treaty with Israel.

“A topic that many are thinking about but are afraid to discuss”. Khalaf Al Habtoor starts his post by calling out the elephant in the room, which many dare not to, specially with UAE’s censoring laws, and the fact that UAE does not officially recognize Israel, nor are Israeli citizens allowed to enter the UAE. However, Khalaf is a prominent UAE and Arab figure with a net worth of over $3.4 billion and therefore states that he doesn’t care what people think about what he says and that’s it’s a “free world”. Obviously, in this case, money talks.

He continues his tweet title with “Why do the #GCC countries not sign a peace treaty with #Israel, same as #Egypt, #Morocco & #Jordan have done before? Let us work together and cooperate in fields of technology, agriculture, even defense. #UAE #KSA”

In the video, he recommends that GCC countries make a peace treaty with Israel stating that we can “help each other economically… in business… politically and in military”. He further states ” believe me, we can also help our Palestinian people if we are close to them, rather than talking alot of nonsense from distance”.

He then calls the Israeli government to accept this suggestion and officially announce that they are ready for it. Shortly after, a Twitter account handled by the Israeli Ministry Of Foreign Affairs retweeted his video, which signals a sort of unofficial approval to his statements, which could mean that “peace” is around the corner.

The tweet has also been retweeted by several influential twitter users from the UAE such as @uae_3g (Hamad Al Mazroei), who has been at the forefront of the internet social media war against Qatar, spending the last few months launching insults at the Qatari government and royal family.

Its clear, from the information being released by UAE prominent figures on social media, that in 2019, we are headed in a direction where Qatar and Iran are much more of enemies than Israel is.

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