Top 4-star Dubai Marina hotels under AED200 ($55)

Whether you’re a tourist visiting Dubai, or a UAE resident from another area, the Dubai Marina is undoubtedly one of the best places to stay in. We’ve been searching for the best hotels in the area, that have that Dubai luxury feel and are affordable, and we’re going to share our results with you.

Why stay in the Dubai Marina?

  • Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, sometimes called “New Dubai” due to its man-made nature. Here are a few things that it has:
  • The biggest man-made Marina in the world
  • A cluster of high-rise towers known as “the tallest block in the world”
  • The tallest all-residential building in the world (The Pentominum)
  • The taller tower in the world with a 90 degrees twist (The Cayan Tower)
  • The longest fully-automated metro network in the world (Dubai Metro)

Here’s a video of the Dubai Marina at night. It’s not even a professional video (that tend to polish things up), just a regular one from a random visitor:

Sleeping in this area with a cosmopolitan feel surrounded by so many world records is sure to make you feel like a champion. Even better, we’ve been searching for the most affordable hotel to stay matching the ambiance of the area and maintaining a consistent feel to your trip. 5-star hotels tend to be too pricy for the average person, so we’ve come up with the best-rated 4-star hotels in the area for less than AED200 ($55)!

#1 Jannah Place Dubai Marina

Jannah Hotels & Resorts Affordable Quality Hotels In Dubai For Tourists

The top on the list, the Jannah Place Dubai Marina is run by the award-winning Jannah Hotels & Resorts who control some of the best value hotels in Dubai and the UAE. Visiting any of the top hotel booking websites in the world will reveal the endless positive reviews given by people who stayed at this hotel, we need to say no more. It’s best to book your hotel on their website to get the best price available.

#2 Marina Byblos Hotel

Marina Byblos doesn’t match the previous hotels in reviews and consistency. However, they do come up with great offers every now and then, an excellent choice if that opportunity shows up.

#3 Signature Hotel Apartments and Spa

Formerly known as Lotus Hotel Apartments & Spa, this hotel comes last on the list. While it’s been having a rough patch recently with recent negative reviews, they still maintain a 4-star hotel standard, and a great alternative if the previous two are fully booked. Their prices could use a bit of work, as they get higher than the previous two.

In conclusion, If I had a tourist stay in Dubai and want that cosmopolitan feel but limited by resources such as money and time, I would definitely stay at the Dubai Marina to maximize my experience. Jannah Hotels & Resorts have done a great job with their hotels in the area, and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay with them, and if they were fully booked, I would stay at the Marina Byblos or Signature as a good alternative.

More reasons to stay at the Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Mall

The Dubai Marina Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai, at 390,000 square feet and 140 retail outlets. You could do all your shopping needs without going too far and without the hassle of long walks at the bigger malls.

The Walk

The Walk at JBR is a beautiful 1.7-kilometer strip that you could go for a walk in, as intended, in which people of all walks of life pass by you and owners of luxurious cars commonly slowly drive by to show off. It is full of restaurants and fast food chains along the path, where you could grab a bite while enjoying the spectacular view of the area.

The Beach

The Beach at JBR is an open-access beach resort right next to The Walk, where you could simply either soak in some of that Dubai sun, get a tan, or go for a swim (don’t worry, bikinis are allowed).

If you’re feeling more adventurous you could get involved in some water sports such as parasailing or wakeboarding. If you’re lucky, there could be some live entertainment, and if you’ve got kids with you, there are some activities to keep them busy, such as a banana boat ride.

Dubai Metro Access

Dubai is famously known to be hard to navigate without a vehicle. What makes this area convenient for tourists or residents without cars, is the fact that the Dubai Metro runs through it. That means you won’t feel limited in this area and will have easy access to other areas in Dubai, or going to the airport.

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