Stop using Ramadan and taxi drivers in UAE for PR stunts

Earlier today we have received email communication from RAK hospital, who have done us the honor of writing a full article commending themselves for the great work they have done (with photos), and sent it to us to post.

Not today, RAK hospital, not today.

This is a great example of how some companies in the UAE are using these poor taxi drivers and a religious month to boost their reputation. Looking at their Google maps reviews, we can quickly see why they desperately need this reputation boost.

If their “charity” work was any good, we would have at least given them the benefit of the doubt. But to market this 2 hour “event” as an “Iftar for cab drivers”, give out a few take away boxes, force the driver to take a photo with the “Executive Director”, then try to profit from this in marketing is just shameful.

You can also see the “Costa” umbrellas conveniently placed in the background of the photo, I guess everyone wants a piece of the PR pie. And since Costa is helping with the costs, how much did this multi million dirham organization actually pay out in “charity”? 2000-3000 AED? The price of a single session of abusing our health insurance cards? In the next photo, the taxi drivers are even blurred out, while the hospital branding is in focus.

The reality is, off camera, this hospital wouldn’t even let the taxi drivers use their toilets, because they look down on them so much they consider them “dirty”.

Social responsibility is a serious matter. Organizations that make multi million dirhams in monthly profits by swiping thousands from cards for simple jobs have a bigger responsibility to the community than a 3000AED event once a year. They’re supposed to be contributing to their community on a daily basis and making an actual positive change with real charity. Not just in Ramadan, and not just on camera.

What’s more shameful is media outlets benefiting from this behaviour by literally copy pasting their bogus marketing.

We should send a clear message to these kind of organizations to stop playing with our emotions and our religious occasions to boost their reputation. How about we give them the reviews that they so badly want?

Rak Hospital Reviews:

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