Shop Fined 50,000DHs and Closed for TV Piracy by Dubai Court

Set top boxes and smart cards used by DishTV India were seized by Dubai court for illegal use. A large number of residents in Dubai use illegal connections to get their TV broadcasts. They were fined Dh50,000 and the UAE Court of Cassation seized the set top boxes and cards.

The illegal DishTV dealer has been sentenced to three months imprisonment for infringing copyrights. The intellectual property belonged to OSN. During the raid conducted by authorities, they came across 2,000 illegal set top boxes along with substantial amount of money and smart cards.

The court supports the decision to destroy all the seized material that include set top boxes, remote controls, and smart cards belonging to DishTV India. The guilty dealer will publish the judgment in a local newspaper at his cost, pay the compensation to OSN, and bear all the court expenses.

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