Camera footage shows UAE hid attack on airport in 2018

Camera footage released by Al Maseera TV reveals a drone attack that hit a precise location at the Abu Dhabi airport in which the UAE, last year, reported as just an incident with one of it’s vehicles.

Camera footage shows UAE hid attack on airport in 2018

Camera footage shows UAE hid attack on airport in 2018

Posted by UAE Viral on Friday, 31 May 2019

On the day of this attack, Al Jazeera reported a successful drone attack by Yemeni Rebels on Abu Dhabi’s airport, but the UAE has totally denied the existence of such attack.

The above tweet shows how the UAE has covered up this attack as an “incident concerning a supply vehicle”.

They followed up with a tweet stating that they would release updated information, but it never happened, even after the release of this footage.

After almost a year, Yemeni rebels have released footage through Al Maseera TV, clearly showing the attack, from more than 1 angle.

Experts say this attack was done with extremely high precision and coordination, to the point where they were able to preposition spies at the coordinates to record this footage.

While military experts last year declared such attack as impossible, due to UAE’s ‘Terminal High Altitude  Area Defence System’ (THAAD), the footage shows how a single drone was able to slip through undetected.

The possibility of such attack shows that the Yemeni Rebels have access to weapons technology able to travel 1500 km, which is a radius that covers the whole GCC region along with parts of Sudan and Egypt. They also have the ability to strike precise locations that can cripple one of UAE’s core economy nerves – aviation.

The Abu Dhabi airport attacked, is the second largest in the UAE, and headquarters to one of UAE’s most important airlines, Etihad Airways.

The delay of the release of the video possibly served two purposes, as per experts. First, to protect the identity of it’s spies, who seem to be undercover as airport agents, and second, to undermine the UAE’s credibility with residents by showing proof of the illegitimacy of local media/authorities statements and the existence of attack cover-ups.

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