Chopped Alive: The Gulfs Freedom of Speech

Having practically no freedom of speech is one thing, and chopping up a journalist alive is another. It's absolutely outrageous how low Saudi Arabia has stooped in silencing critics of their royal family. The Arabic term "taken behind the sun" (meaning to be "disappeared") has become so common that it has been used as a joke in recent years. In this case, Khashoggi was more than taken behind the sun. He was tortured and mutilated, chopped alive with a chainsaw in his own embassy while he was picking up some documents for his marriage process.

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Obviously, an act is driven by hate and ego, rather than an act of just "disappearing". It wasn't sufficient to just kidnap him and jail him, he had to suffer one of the worst deaths a human could possibly suffer for just voicing out his opinion. Not even in dark crime movies have we seen such horrible scenes.

Not only have we been silent about the atrocities happening in our sister/brother countries such as Palestine from foreign entities, but we have also been silent about this absolute violation of all kinds of laws and regulations (including Islamic law) being done by one of our own. It's surprising how Saudi/Gulf residents and citizens have rallied on social media to defend the Crown Prince although new evidence appears every day incriminating him. King Salman's brother himself returned to Saudi Arabia to contest the crown prince's succession (and for obvious reasons). 

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If you are asking what does this have to do with citizens or expats living in other Gulf countries like the UAE, it has everything to do with us. The GCC countries have all been one hand for a long time now. They have shared laws, rules, and traditions. The fact that the Dubai president wrote a poem for the Saudi crown prince affirming his support and his allegiance, and the fact that no Gulf country has shown disapproval for what happened to Khashoggi, means that we are all part of this brutal slavery of self-expression.

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