American newspaper refers to MBZ as the "cat who ate the canary"

An American newspaper, The American Conservative, has referred to Mohammed Bin Zayed as the "cat who ate the canary" in its latest article titled 'The Other Murderous Gulf Monarchy'.

Luckily they are American authors in a country that protects freedom of speech, or else the authors would very likely be tortured to death by now. This recent massive international attack on the Saudi and Emirati royal families proves that it doesn't matter what level of world-class development a country may achieve if it is being achieved at the expense of human rights.

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By the term "cat who ate the canary", the authors are trying to say that MBZ is silently enjoying and getting away with his "Murderous" actions, while everyone is busy with Saudi Arabia at the moment. Their article further details how human rights organizations have reported the existence of UAE-run detention facilities where "torture, beatings, electric shocks, and killing have occured". This is in addition to how the UAE-led ground offensive has caused catastrophic destruction and led more than 400,000 Yemenis to be displaced.

Overall, the authors feel that UAE actions should not be overshadowed by Saudi Actions, and pressure should also be maintained on both sides to clear all human rights violation related issues coming from both countries.

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