Beach Boy Butlers to “spice up” your “hen parties”

A Dubai based company, by the name of Beach Boy Butlers, are offering to “spice up your hen parties”.


Not much details are available on their Facebook page, which seems to be their main point of contact with potential customers. But they have apparently been running for many years. Browsing some of their latest posts, we can start of kind of get a clearer picture.

The sexual innuendo is very clear. One could easily perceive this to be a male strippers racket, but for the sake of objectivity, we will consider it nothing more than a lighter, more UAE appropriate (if at all), version of a male stripper.

It’s not clear wether this is a registered company and if these “Butlers” are officially employed, but the lack of business details and the apparent ‘exoticness’ of their services suggests otherwise.

We went ahead and emailed them. We were then put in touch with a “Tom Gattos”, who conveniently attaches his bank details at the bottom of the email message, identifying as Thomas John Gattos using a HSBC Dubai account.

The main question to be asked is, has this been deemed legal by the UAE government, or has Mr. Gattos been flying low all this time?

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